Welcome to the website for Killeagh & Inch Parish.

Our Parish is a place of welcome for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Our Parish is a place where we promote equality and inclusivity

  • For male and for female
  • For any race or nationality
  • For any sexual orientation
  • For those who have a strong belief, for those who are unsure of their belief, and for those who have no belief

Our Parish is a place where we care for all of our members. Following the message of Jesus our aim is to stretch out the hand of friendship and kindness to the sick, the marginalised and the disadvantaged.

Weekly Masses

Killeagh Church
6:15pm Saturday Evenings.
11:00am Sunday Morning.

Inch Church
9:30am Sunday Morning.

Weekday Morning Mass
Tuesday & Thursday at 9:30am in Killeagh
Wednesday & Friday at 9:30am in Inch

Adoration in Inch Church

Monday Evenings from 7-9 pm

Tweets from Pope Francis

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