Churches & Graveyards


There are two churches in the parish.

St. John the Baptist Church in Killeagh

Click Here for information on St. John the Baptist, Killeagh


St. Patrick’s Church in Inch

Click Here for information on St. Patrick’s, Inch


There are a number of graveyards in Killeagh, and they are spread out over a large area.

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A brief History

Killeagh parish today is made up of the old medieval parishes Ardagh, Dangandonovan (now known as Dangan) and Killeagh. These parishes were centred on their parish church.

Another church and graveyard largely forgotten in Killeagh parish, is that located in the vicinity of Castlerichard. Its medieval name was Inchemacbrannofe. It is shown on early Ordinance Survey maps; today only the undulating surface of the graveyard remains.

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