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Conversations at Ennismore Retreat Centre



For three years or more, we in Ennismore have been conducting CONVERSATIONS each Monday evening from 7.30pm – 9.30pm.

CONVERSATIONS are just that…a CONVERSATION around a topic. A speaker presents a topic, which is followed by a CONVERSATION, follows over tea or coffee for one hour plus.


The following are dates for the ‘coming Monday CONVERSATIONS:

  • Nov. 24th: SEEING A NEW WAY – Dr. Malgorzata D’Aughton, from the Medieval History Dept. of UCC will join others in presenting the poems and diary of a 13th century Irish Franciscan whose pilgrimage on foot to the Holy Land introduces him to new cultures, religions and ways which challenge him. In poetry and song, Malgorzata and others, will present this wonderful experience to us. In a globalized world and a multi-cultural Ireland, this 13th century poem, brought alive by Malgorzata, is a parable for our own time. Not to be missed!
  • December 1st: and 8th: Two evenings with Tom Casey, OP. in reflection through slides and poems.

Dates for 2015:

January: Sacred Scripture and Islam

  • 12th Gospel way 1 Benedict Hegarty, OP
  • 19th Gospel way 2 Benedict Hegarty, OP
  • 26th Dialoguing with Islam Benedict Hegarty, OP

February: Living from the inside out!

  • 2nd Compassionate Living Martina Lehane
  • 9th Meister Eckhardt Philip McShane, OP
  • 16th Meister Eckhardt goes East Stephen Cummins, OP
  • 23rd To Live Justly *note 8.00pm Brendan Ryan

March: Voices from the margins

  • 2th Hear our Voice 1- AA, and NA Guest speaker(s)
  • 9th Hear our Voice 2 –Prisoners Rosemary Corry-Fox
  • 16th Hear our voice 3 – Immigration NASC
  • 23rd Caring for the person – Christian Psychotherapy Pat Sheehan

April: Being well and an Introduction to mysticism

  • 13th Keeping Well –Being Well Annalisa Setti
  • 20th Christian Mysticism 2 St John of the Cross – Terence O’ Reilly
  • 27th Christian Mysticism 3 St Ignatius of Loyola – Terence O’Reilly
  • May 4th Christian Mysticism 4 English Mystics –Stefan D. Reynolds


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